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We at Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum (Also known as SOJO) believe that art, in its uncompromising form, has the ability to produce an environment that fosteres a productive exchange of cultural ideas. Our aim is to expose the local community to global art. We realize that Sacramento population is a representation of the world globally and we desire to build networks and strengthen community through cultural exchanges.


The Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum is dedicated to presenting Asian, African, Hispanic and Native American art to the general public. Presently, our museum has displays from every corner of our globe, represeting the multicultural and multiethnic population in our community. We also host outreach programs to bring to Sacramento artists from various parts of the United States and the world. Our goal is to showcase art from the eyes of the artists themselves.


  • Our Purpose


    The mission of the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum & Development Center is to foster personal and civic well-being in our community through fine, applied, and performing arts.  We believe that the desire to experience and participate in creativity is essential to optimum human expression and development.


    We carry out our mission by increasing access and exposure to art, by developing understanding and appreciation of art through educational and academic programs, and by inviting active participation of community members of all ages in creating and promoting art. Our personal development programs and art services are aimed at children, youth, adults, families, and organizations within the local community, the larger Sacramento area, and Northern California.


    Multiculturalism is key, as all members of our very diverse Sacramento community are recognized, celebrated, and included in all aspects of our organization. We acknowledge that art—an essential, encompassing life element —has the ability to produce an environment with a productive cultural exchange of ideas.  In addition, it has been proven that art promotes acquisition of intellectual skills in literature, science, and math.  For these reasons, art must be a priority in human development.


    Our Vision


    The vision of SOJO is to produce a well-educated, aware, and socially responsible community committed to sharing our cultural histories and legacies while bettering our community through the arts. We desire to achieve this vision through:

    1. 1. Providing support and strengthening the role of local artists in our community
    2. 2. Increase community awareness of the historical and cultural values of the visual arts
    3. 3. Enhance the role of culture and the arts in improving the quality of life for residents and visitors
    4. 4. Support and strengthen arts and cultural education for all children, youth and their families


Museum History

The Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Development Center has been actively involved with youth and young adults in the South Sacramento area since 1996 when it developed numerous creative arts programs under the National Academic Youth Corps (NAYC). Its purpose was to enable youth from culturally diverse backgrounds to stretch their minds and imaginations and to provide a safe environment that stimulates creativity, promotes healthy lifestyles, and develops social skills. As an non-profit entity under NAYC's 501C status since 2002, Sojourner Truth Center has offered scores of no- or low-cost programs, workshops, and activities on site and out in the community to thousands of youth. The Center’s programs have positively affected the lives of its participants and the cultural environment of the community.

The Art Museum was founded as collaboration between Sojourner Truth Art Development Center, The National Academic Youth Corps and the Florin Business Arts Complex where the Museum is housed. It offers a diverse spectrum of theme-oriented murals, art installations, exhibitions, events and programs representing African American, Mexican, Latino, Asian, Alaskan, Pacific Islander, Eastern, and Native Cultures.

Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Museum (also known as SOJO Museum) was awarded official Sacramento Museum status in 2008, and in both 2009 and 2010, participated very successfully in the highly attended Sacramento Free Museum Day.

About Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was a slave-born woman who overcame the worst to leave a legacy of activism and compassion for our nation. Born Isabella Baumfree circa 1797, she escaped from slavery as a young woman and by the 1840s had become a powerful speaker against slavery. Though only self educated, Sojourner Truth was outspoken with her views on emancipation, women's rights and suffrage, rights of freemen, prison reform and the abolition of capital punishment. Her energy and intelect captured the attention many who listened to her lectures and her ideas of hope and change.

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The Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum

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